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The South Coast Adoption Consortium was launched during National Adoption Week in 1997. Originally, it comprised of the Borough of Poole, Southampton City Council, West Sussex County Council and the Isle of Wight Council. We were joined by Portsmouth City Council in April 2000. The aim of the Consortium is to share our resources and enable the five authorities to have a wide choice of families for the children we need to place. It also provides an opportunity for the member authorities to share their expertise and enhance the services we offer to adoptive families and to the children joining these families.

In the first three years that the Consortium ran, 40 children were placed with families. We are looking for a wide range of families to meet the individual needs of our children. The Consortium is particularly interested in recruiting families for children over the age of 2 years, sibling groups, children with special needs, whether of an emotional, educational or disability base, and children who have a minority ethnic heritage. Many of these children will attract an adoption allowance and, because of our collaborative working arrangements, the Consortium members are able to offer packages of post adoption support to families who may need extra help.

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